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Taste the fusion of east and west.

Premium Wellness Tea

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Be Healthy

Inspired by a fusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and a combination of western herbal blends, our teas are the product of years of research by TCM practitioners and professional herbalists. We present to you great tasting tea that is rich in beneficial properties and pleasing to the senses.

Be Happy

Health is the new wealth, happiness is the new rich. Think of our tea as a natural mood booster. We want you to feel your best, to find joy in the small things in life, and to discover all the beautiful things in the world.

Our craft blends

Highest Quality

Finest organic loose-leaf tea sourced from qualified suppliers around the world. Vegan and gluten free.

East & West Fusion

Crafted with a combination of  Traditional Chinese Medicine and western herbal ingredients to make for a healthy and great tasting blend.

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What our customers say

Susan Beaudiment
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Quality products designed to give you real boost in health!
Michaela Ferrera
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The sleeping tea really helped with my insomnia. Would recommend to anyone who's having trouble falling asleep.
Nancy Lastman
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Got the energy tea and have noticed improvement on the 3rd day. I love how the tea is all organic and fair-trade certified.

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